Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everything Information - Moving On and Out

I've had fun covering Everything Information. However it's time for a change, so this will be the last posting at this site. I'm taking this blog to the next level.

New Everything Information Blog - New Information Management Insights

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  • Regular, rotating coverage on a variety of timely information management topics.
  • Trends, ideas and tips for managing and leveraging the tidal wave of information coming at you and your organization.
We'll be exploring everything about capturing, classifying, storing, researching and retrieving information in any format, physical or digital.

What Information Matters the Most to You?

I would love to hear from you about your information issues and interests. What's bugging you? What intrigues you? What do want to know more about? What question would you love to ask, but don't, because you think 'everyone' should know the answer?

How is your organization handling the information  tidal wave?

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How is SharePoint used in law firms? Learn more at 2013 AALL Conference in Seattle.

We regularly get this SharePoint question from law firms, as well as businesses and other organizations.

SharePoint’s greatest advantage is that it can be used in so many ways, from collaboration to workflow to document management to creating intranets. Yet these general capabilities can also be a drawback, because features go broad but not deep. Using SharePoint for very specific requirements – as in law firm libraries – usually requires third-party add-ins or customization.

The 2013 AALL conference, in Seattle July 13-16, will include what they’re calling a ‘Deep Dive’ session into SharePoint on Sunday, July 14. 

At this session, you can see how SharePoint is being used in law libraries and by law firms. Nina Platt, who is LAC Group’s Senior Director of Legal Market Services and editor of the PinHawk Law Library newsletter, is one of the featured speakers at this session. She will provide some law firm library examples in her presentation.

For more information on this SharePoint Deep Dive Session:

Preview of SharePoint topics and speakers:

If you are going to be there and you have an interest in SharePoint, I highly recommend the Deep Dive session. And I invite you to stop by the LAC Group booth to meet Nina and our other law library and legal information management professionals.

If you can’t attend the show, I’ll be writing about it in future blog posts. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Law Librarians Convene at AALL 2013 Conference

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) will hold its 106th annual meeting July 13-16, 2013 in Seattle, and LAC Group will be there.

The theme for this year's conference is 'Rethink your Value', and it leads me to think of the evolution of both AALL and LAC Group. AALL is more than a century old, founded in 1906. Eighty years later, in 1986, LAC Group was founded as Library Associates Companies. No organization can remain viable for decades without a continual rethinking of the value it provides. We started as a temporary staffing firm for the law library community. Today we are an international company offering a comprehensive suite of information management services to all kinds of organizations.

Law Library Modernization

We have witnessed how the role of law libraries has changed drastically, primarily due to digitization. Digitization has made it possible for volumes of legal information to be discovered in a matter of keystrokes. The next wave will come as legal staff and other users of legal information are empowered to add value, adding their own knowledge and making new connections. Law library modernization will continue its march from paper to digitization to digital asset management to knowledge platform.

Deep Dive into SharePoint

Perhaps nothing exemplifies the concept of a digital platform for knowledge and discovery like Microsoft SharePoint. LAC Group will participate in an educational session dedicated to SharePoint on Sunday, July 14. Nina Platt, our Senior Director of Legal Market Services, will be one of the speakers during this session, called 'The Ins, Outs and Abouts of Sharepoint'. Nina's law library, information and knowledge management experience includes strategic planning, project management, research management, contract negotiation and cost controls. She is recognized as a leader in the development of the law library of the future.

Visit LAC Group at Booth 425

We invite you to join us in the exhibit hall while you're attending AALL 2013. Our booth location is 425 and our law library professionals will be available to answer any questions about digitization, Digital Asset Management, library modernization, SharePoint and any other legal information topic. In the meantime, or if you can't be there, follow this link to learn more about LAC's services for law firms.