Wednesday, May 30, 2012

“Free Information” Series – Series Introduction

·      How is the concept of “free information” affecting those of us who used to charge for it?

·      Has providing “free information” become a cost of doing business?

·      Am I fast enough to compete in the Digital Marketplace?

Please watch this short “free information” scene on before reading…it's a scene from the Rookie...the video of Dennis Quad is a good image of how many of you may feel right now, not knowing if you can compete in this fast-paced, information-now marketplace. Since we are all still new in this arena, finding our entry in is the hard part, but if you have talent, and bring something to the table, like a 96-mph pitch, believing in yourself can be enough... 

To deny that the online marketplace, our “new” business arena within the World Wide Web, is intimidating would be impractical, at best. Transformation of this magnitude affects us all, in all aspects of our lives. We are all learning together, at the same time…

Like “the rookie”, when we step up to pitch we must remember that our “old” measurement systems may not be properly calibrated to measure our extraordinary abilities.  

In the “Free Information” Series, I will uncover real concerns and struggles within many industries, as seen through the digitization of: newspapers, encyclopedias, books and references, music and videos, most of which are now provided as “free information” or by a “per click” fee basis. Join me for the next month in my exploration of the real value of “free information”.   

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