Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work” - in the 21st Century - JOBS

Jobs in the 21st century, 2012, present.

While knowing “the news”, what is being reported about our workplace, from the “Media”, “Social Media” too, now, (meaning TV and Internet) is important. Let’s face it, if you still don’t earn enough to support yourself, and your family, their news is still wrong... for you

Sometimes our answers are found slowly, in small pieces, or links even. So, included are interesting discoveries about our marketplace of free-enterprise that should, in fact, be large enough for us all…to survive, and as Our Constitution supports in its entirety, “We, the People, shall have the right to secure shelter, clothing, food, supplies…, make a family of our own, find a home, share our talents, contribute; love and live.” I confidently speak on behalf of our team at LAC Group: we are doing our best to help almost 23 million people find their ability to stand on their own again.  No, of course we don't have 23 million jobs to offer, nor are there 23 million in our field.  The point being that we work as if it is on our shoulders.

International Labour Office: Global Employment Trends of 2012 White Paper.

MSN Careers: (Article) Bestbets for jobs in 2012, By Debra Auerbach.

US News, MONEY: 25 BestJobs, (2012).

Simply Hired: SimplySalary (Job Salary Calculator)

During my years of work, in the late 20th-century & now early 21st-century, technological knowledge continues to increase in demand and importance, translates to work always available. And, the one constant, especially in information, is change. Learning new things, trying new tools and evolving are the keys for adapting to those changes. I do find our field fascinating, I suppose that doesn’t hurt either. Ask yourself: Do you love what you do? Sometimes we need to just "do" but you should always be striving to do what you love.

The truth is that adaptation is key. Some times we learn at different speeds, or learn different things at the same time. Just keep learning and growing, adapting, evolving. No deficiency or weakness, just new direction, translates to change. As Dr. Sheldon Cooper eloquently put it, “I don’t like change, they say change is good, but they lied; It isn’t.”   

It appears, from my seat, some drastic changes have been for the better for individuals who may be preparing for something new, something greater than they may have imagined for themselves. Believing in the possibilities does matter, too.

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