Friday, February 22, 2013

Expense Reduction Series - Office Supplies

The term “office supplies” encompasses a wide range of materials used by business owners and their employees during daily operations.  Office supplies are tax deductible expenses classified as a “Cost of Operations” on a company’s Profit & Loss Statement and annual Federal Income Tax Report.

Office supplies include: pens, pencils, highlighters, staples, paper clips, print cartridges, copy paper, envelopes, file cabinets, labels, notebooks, file folders, scissors, erasers, tape dispensers, calculators, USB drives, and more.

While the internet has drastically reduced the need for many of these items, most notably paper, office supplies remain a necessary and recurring expense for businesses.  Although online purchasing, usage contracts and discounts help to control costs, many businesses do not work within a specific budget or from a written procurement plan.  This often results in individual office supply orders adding up unexpectedly and detracting from net profits. 

Chase Cost Management (CCM), a division of LAC Group, can help your organization reduce office supply expenses and implement a customized procurement strategy tailored to your budget.  CCM has specialized in office supply expense reduction for 14 years, and has saved its clients hundreds of millions in office supply expenses during that time.  Its current client roster includes law firms, corporations and academic institutions.  What I appreciate most about the CCM offering is that they have programs that address the needs of all organizations, regardless of size.  Whether you are paying retail or have a "great deal" with your current provider, you owe it to yourself...and your bottom find out if you have the best deal.

CCM also specializes in expense reduction in the following categories:  legal research, library expense audits, shipping, records, telecom, mailroom and software licensing.  Join me in the upcoming weeks as I explore each of these areas.

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