Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Information Management Professionals, In-house vs. Outsourced – 4 Part Series

One of the most difficult decisions faced by executives today is not only how to properly evolve your business into this new digital environment, but also how to maintain controls, security, and varied levels of accessibility to a multitude of users over the Internet, all while protecting the integrity of your assets in the virtual marketplace. Outsourcing skilled information professionals, instead of hiring them direct is often a controversial subject. While a major increase in workflow efficiencies saves money, that money isn’t always seen in dollars, but in an increased value of your business, and the value you provide to your customers, employees and partners alike. On the other end of the spectrum, many executives and IT professionals share a common and valid concern about loss of internal controls by contracting asset management by an “outsider”.

During the next four weeks, I will take on this important strategic approach to business in the Digital Age and the tactical steps to move your business from point A to point Z, while maintaining quality control of your intellectual properties and digital library.

In this 4-part-series, we will be exploring:
Part 1 - Most common trends for outsourcing information management functions today
Part 2 - Employment options, whether contracting or hiring a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is the best fit for you
Part 3 - Specific skill set needed to properly digitize and manage your assets
Part 4 - Pros of outsourcing, versus the pros of hiring  

I look forward to your feedback, especially from those of you who currently work in Information Management and Digital Asset Management, and can speak personally to the pros and cons of outsourcing from a first-person perspective. Part-1 of this series covers the IM functions most commonly outsourced now, all of which are standard skills for the Digital Asset Manager position.  

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